Working Environment

  1. The school is based on the principle of courtesy and mutual respect.
  2. Our school program balances traditional and innovative methods. It provides each child the opportunity to develop intellectual curiosity, attain academic excellence and grow in self-reliance. The faculty & and parents share a commitment to recognizing & developing each child's uniqueness, moral responsibility & social awareness.
  3. We believe that parent involvement is essential to the child's success & the success of the school as a community. The Parent's Association contributes positively to school life & provides many opportunities for parent involvement.

The school has a number of professionals available for consultation by children & parents. We make special efforts to provide necessary help for children with learning difficulties so that all the children can be assimilated in the normal process of schooling. 


Sus Village, Taluka Mulashi,
Pune, Maharashtra,
411021, India

  • Phone:

+91-20-6533 9984