The Process

Admission to Vidya Valley
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Admissions Jr.KG & Std.1 

This page has been updated on 24 Dec 2014

Added a new clause in the Prospectus:

Proof of Residence:

Please submit a proof of residence - a photocopy of a suitable document - like passport, Adhaar Card, Electricity Bill, Phone bill, Mobile Bill (At least two months) etc. Since we are giving preference to people staying in the neighbourhood, it is fair to ascertain that the applicants are staying in the neighbourhood.

The On-Line Application Form has finally been disabled today, 24th Dec, after 21 days on the net.
People who 'forgot' to apply - sorry but there is no option now.

PROSPECTUS is still available. Go to the end of the page for Link to Prospectus

25% of the seats in Jr KG and Std 1 are reserved for admissions under RTE.
Those seats will be filled under guidance from the Government, most probably in April 2015

Admissions to Vidya Valley

Junior KG & Std 1


The On-Line Application form will be available from 3rd December 2014  till noon of 22nd December 2014
After that the school will be closed for winter vacations.
To fill up the On-Line application form (over the internet) you will need either the Firefox browser (ver 15 or higher) from Mozilla or Google's Chrome browser. Microsoft Explorer ver 8 onwards will also work.
Complete the form in one sitting. Else you may get 'timed out' and have to start again.
After you fill up the online application and "SUBMIT" it, you will receive a copy of the application on your e-mail (as a .pdf file). More or less immediately. This will carry the Application Number.
In case you don't see the mail in your INBOX, check your SPAM box before you write an e-mail to us on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. We too will get a copy by email. Do tell us the child's name when/if you write to us.
Take TWO prints of the Application Form.
On one copy of the form, stick the child's NEW photograph (do not use a photograph taken when the child was two years old! - we get that sometimes !!).
Along with a xerox copy of the birth certificate submit the application form with the application fee. (The second copy of the form will be stamped with our acknowledgement of receipt).


Submit the application form at our school in the afternoon (2:30 to 5:00 pm) on any working day up to 23rd December. After that date the office will be closed. So don't leave it for the last. We will reopen on 5th January 2015. You may submit forms then. Last day is 10th January

2:30 & 5:00 pm on week days
on Saturday mornings between 9:00 and 12:30.

Std 1 admissions are on the 17th January, Saturday.


The Junior KG admissions is on 24th January, Saturday.

  If you miss the application dates then I am sorry for you. You may write to us in June. Till then we will not reply to your mail. Even if we have any vacancy it will be for a child whose application was received in time. Other seats will be kept open for admissions under RTE.  

What if you make an error in filling a form?:

Just fill it again. It doesn't cost anything ! After all, we will only process the applications for which the application fee is paid.

Admissions under RTE:

25% of seats will be available for admission under RTE. Application form for that will be available at the school. Conditions, as laid down by the Government, will apply.

NRI's wishing to apply for Jr KG:

We DO NOT admit any child migrating from abroad to JR KG. It is very difficult for the child to adapt to our school. And even more difficult for the mother and father to do so. Please do not apply. We suggest you admit your child to a kindergarten close to home and give your child time to get used to India, its crowds, weather, loudness and food.

NRI's wishing to apply for Std 1

We will keep THREE seats for NRI applicants.
Your applications must reach the school by 7th January 2015, complete in all respects. The parents or child need not visit our school or be present on 17th Jan. We will announce the names in two or three days and give you ten days till 19th January to complete the admission by paying the fees. After that the seats will be allocated to a local child.
(Hint: If you don't have relatives or friends who will submit the application and pay  the fee then you will not be able to manage. So relax till you get back to India and try at that time).  

Can I visit the school to look around?

No. Sorry.
Not that it is a secret, but we can't manage "edu-tourism". You will be visiting us when submitting the application form at our office. That's good enough. For any information speak to students or their parents. They are the right ambassadors of the school.
None of this is intended to be rude. It's just that we can't manage it any other way - i.e., run a school and manage prospective parents.  

Another thing

We are very particular about age at admission
Jr. KG: Average 4.5 years as on June 1st -  Plus and minus six months. i.e. 4 years to 5 years as on June 1st. Do not write for deviations. We will not respond.
Std 1: Average 6.5 years as on June 1st. Plus minus 6 months. i.e. 6 years to 7 years as on June 1st. No deviations.

On other matters we are quite flexible. When in confusion, use your common sense and judgement.
We will not reject your Application Form for some minor error.


Does the location of my residence affect admission?

Yes it does for Jr. KG.
We want children from the neighbourhood who can commute to & fro with minimum stress.

School for kindergarten ends at 1:00. It is not correct that the child should be traveling a long way at that time. The child should be getting home quickly, having lunch and taking a nap. Not traveling in a bus.

We also need to review the places where our buses can run conveniently and economically. Pune is growing and changing. Areas which were is easy commute distance two years ago have become difficult to reach due to heavier traffic.

We will give preference to children living near
  1. Pashan Sus Road,
  2. Bavdhan (up to Chandni Chowk),
  3. Baner Road,
  4. Aundh,
  5. Panchvati,
People living in other areas should not apply. We may ask for proof of residence before confirming admission.

For Std 1.:

It does affect a little bit. We prefer children from nearby locations. As more schools have opened in the Pimpri-Chinchwad area there is less pressure on us. Thank God ! (More information in the Prospectus)
For the information of parents who are seeking admission for the next academic year, the important dates are:
  1. Start of application forms (through the website): On-Line from 3rd December
  2. Last date for application forms (on the website): 22nd December
  3. Last date for submission of application forms and paying the application fee: 10th January

Do read the entire Prospectus BEFORE you pick up the phone to make a query.

Click Here====>> For reading the Prospectus for Admissions for academic year 2015-16


Updated on 4th Dec 2014




Applications for admissions:


Admissions  -  Std 2 to Std 8:


Academic Year 2015-16


FOR any queries write to us AFTER 22nd May 2015.

At this time we have no information re vacancies that may occur in June. It is therefore not possible to make any commitments regarding admissions. We are sorry about the situation but we are not in a position to help.
There is no waiting list for admissions.  

Information on School Fees:

Last year's school fees can be seen here. For next year the fees will be available in June 2015.
Fee Schedule for 2014-15 - Jr KG to Std 5
Fee Schedule for the Year 2014-15 - Std 6 to Std 10  



Criterion for admission:

  1. First priority will be given to children transferring from out-of-Pune. Last priority for local transfers.
  2. Preference will be given to students migrating from ICSE schools
  3. We will look for an excellent record in academics AND co-curricular activities. Good performance on our tests. Good Report Card from the previous school.
  4. We look for the child being age appropriate. as on 1st of JULY
    7+ years for Std 2
    8+ years for Std 3
    9+ years for Std 4
    and so on
    13 years PLUS for Std 8 and 14 years PLUS for std 9 (as on 1st June of the academic year)
  5. For applications to Std 8: We will take students who have completed their Std 7 from other ICSE schools.
  6. Residence should be in our busing area.
We welcome applications for those classes via e-mail to    info @ vidyavalley . com (without spaces)
We will look for an excellent record in academics AND co-curricular activities.
We look for the child being age appropriate. i.e 13 years PLUS for Std 8 and 14 years PLUS for std 9 (as on 1st June of the academic year)
We will give the aspiring students a test in Math, English and Hindi (if appropriate).  

Admissions  -  Std 9, Academic Year

For Std 9 ICSE:  Only students from an ICSE school may apply
For Std 9 NIOS: Any student who has completed Std 8 may apply.

  Application may be made via a simple letter sent through email.

  We will respond via email on the further process, exam date etc.



The Admission Fee, Development Fund and Deposit has to be paid within three days of intimation of admission.
The Deposit is without interest

Admission Fee    :  Rs. 25,000 (Non-Refundable)Paid only once at the time of admission
Development Fund   :  Rs. 25,000 (Non-Refundable)Paid only once at the time of admission

Deposit :  Rs. 30,000 (Refundable)Paid only once at the time of admission

The above amounts have to be paid by two separate bank drafts from ANY bank.

Draft must be made in favour of "Vidya Valley School".  Cheques or cash is NOT accepted.

Draft 1: for an amount of Rs. 50,000
Draft 2: for an amount of Rs. 30,000

The Deposit is refunded upon withdrawal of the child from the school or upon graduation.  This refund may take up to two months.

All parents have to open a Savings Bank Account with Axis Bank ( for payment of future school fees and expenses.

You can use your existing Axis Bank account if you already have one opened anywhere in India.

Fees and other expenses will be directly debited from this account.  You will be given adequate notice before the school fee is withdrawn.

The Account Opening forms will be available at the school.

After the account is opened, parents must give the school a Bank Authorisation Letter addressed to the bank which will allow the bank to debit your account and transfer money to the school. The letter will be available for you to fill and sign.

Admissions will not be considered complete without the receipt of the Bank Authorisation Letter.  

Bus Fee

The Bus Fee is charged separately from school fee and varies depending on location. The Bus Fee is typically finalized by mid-July when transport routes are firmed.
The bus fee during the 2014 - 2015 academic year was approximately between Rs. 21,000 to Rs. 25,000 per child.  

Payment of Fee

There are two terms in the school year.  Minimum school fee payable is for one term There are no prorated, reduced or refunded amounts for the term tuition fee.

A child who joins the school late or leaves in the middle of the school year is required the pay the fee for the entire .

Tuition and the bus fee are directly debited from your Axis Bank account.  Cash and cheques are not accepted.

Tuition and the bus fee are collected in installments over the school year.  The schedule is outlined below.


Tuition Fee

  1. Term 1:  1st Installment      June
  2. Term 1:  2nd Installment    September
  1. Term 2:  1st Installment      December
  2. Term 2:  2nd Installment    February

Bus Fee

  1. 1st Installment      July
  2. 2nd Installment     November
  3. 3rd Installment     January


Sus Village, Taluka Mulashi,
Pune, Maharashtra,
411021, India

  • Phone:

+91-20-6533 9984