Our new Turf Ground: We need your help

07 Jul 2017

Our new Turf Ground: We need your help

7th July 2017

Donations towards The Turf Ground

Thanks to the timely generosity of many parents we collected enough funds for the project to go ahead during summer.

We are nearly there with the turf. But we are far away from the target of the donations we are expecting from parents for this ground. We have received lots of praise and kudos. Now we are looking forward to the donation cheques.

Just to remiond you, Parents have the option to pay Rs.12,000 as advance (for 6 years) towards the ground. (Ask by e-mail and we will send you the draft of a "Letter for Advance".  We will need it for our records).

Parents paying higher amounts than 12K, as donation should send the Letter of Donation (Pls send an e-mail to school and we will send the draft of that letter. We need it, along with your PAN number, for our records.).

Many parents have been generous beyond our expectation. And our sincere thanks to them. For all the others, we have received your encouragement. Now we need your cheque.

The ground is for your children. Not only entertainment but also their health and strength.

Cheques payable to Society for Excellence in Education.



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