Congratulations - ICSE & ISC Students

Congratulations - ICSE & ISC Students

Dear WHOLE WORLD !!!!!

Every year I have this fantastic job of congratulating the graduating class. Each year this job gets better and better. This year it is absolutely fantastic. THANK YOU CHILDREN. THANK YOU TEACHERS. For giving me this super day.
Thank you parents for all the support you have given the children and to all of us at school.
One more 100% year. But so much more than that.
52 students appeared for the ICSE Std 10 Exam.
22 students scored an aggregate of 90% and higher (42.5% of the students in the 90s)
22 students scored an aggregate of 80% to 90% (another 42.5%)
6 students missed an aggregate of 80% by just one or two percent and two students were in the mid-seventies.
Students: It is not a matter of marks alone. I am thrilled that you took the exams in your stride. You played your games, participated in everything at school and still cracked the exams. That's what makes you TRUE ACHIEVERS.
I have to mention some names of the Std 10 toppers who scored an aggregate of 94% to 96% (in 7 subjects)
Goutham Ramakrishnan,
Gargi Mishra,
Pranav Thombre,
Kiran Saini,
Ankita Joshi,
Saloni Saini
Ira Dhere
Sometimes I hear parents complaining that we at Vidya Valley are not serious about academics. I do hope that they will shed their prejudice and accept that their children are all-rounders in the true sense.
In Maths, 24 students scored 90% and above with Ankita at 100% and Goutham, Maitreya and Soniya following close with 99%.
28 students scored 90% and more in Hindi !!
In Computer Application: 28 students scored 90% and more with five students scoring the max 100%.
19 students cracked the 90% barrier in History-Civics-Geography.
Environment is serious business at Vidya Valley. We really care about it. 39 students reflected this care by achieving 90% and more.
ICSE Science is very, very tough but 13 students vaulted the 90% barrier.
8 students crossed the 90% mark in English. I am sure that with a little more reading we will lift the bar much higher. You will see this effort this year starting from Std 1 onwards.
Economics Application and Commercial studies are options taken by a few students. In Eco App - all seven students scored above 88% with 96% being the highest.

ISC - Std 12

About our Std 12 students: They too have cracked the exams - 100% !!
Their challenge was much greater - They were the first batch of Std 12 - and we were all learning along with them. Besides the Vidya Valley teachers, Mr Balaji deserves a special mention because he took the ownership for Maths and dedicated his time for two years. Mr. Pendharkar was our Physics teacher and he came every week from Thane to teach our students and did a great job. The students worked hard and were a sincere bunch (mostly !!).
Shakthivel with 90% and Soham with 88% topped the group.
I can go on and on. In seventh heaven time passes slowly.
With all my love to the students and very warm regards to ALL the teachers at Vidya Valley, including Kindergarten.
(Some students from the batch joined us in Junior KG in the year 2000 - our first year. That makes this batch very, very special to me).
Before I get maudlin,
Good Bye !!!
Nalini Sengupta


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