ICSE Exam Results - May 2013

ICSE Exam Results - May 2013

Dear Children, (Parents and Everybody Else),
A praiseworthy performance indeed. Every year you prove that your generation is just getting better and better. Don't let anybody tell you different. You have done so well. And you took the exams in your stride. I did not see any of you stressed out.You studied, you played, you participated in all school activities. And you gave your exams as a matter of course. Just took it all in your stride. And you will be the better for it.
In this world where people love to believe that being "NORMAL" is to be worried and stressed, to be obsessed. A so called good child is one who never looks up from the books; ought to be pale and unhealthy; serious and without a sense of humor.
But that is not my yardstick for measuring your true value. I need much more from you. Of course I need you to do well in your academics - but not at the cost of putting all your activities on hold; activities that teach you life skills. Not through last minute 'mugging'. I need you to be thinking well, to have good thoughts and ideas. I need you to be multitasking. I need you to be informed and knowledgeable. Even more, I need you to know how to apply your knowledge. This is the true test of knowledge.
Only YOU can tell me how you measure up to that yardstick. I see you, I hear you and I may even evaluate you. But only you will know yourself truly.
I have to congratulate so many of you. i have seen you grow from very little children and I am proud of what you have grown up to be.
Do not forget to thank your parents and the elders in the family for the their support and patience. Always remember your teachers for being concerned about you. I wish you well and know you will face every challenge courageously.

Nalini Sengupta

I need to make a special mention of Amey Kataria. He did not let his passion for skating take a back seat even during the last few months of the ICSE preparation! He was at Delhi in mid-January participating in the Nationals! Kudos to him.
All the students have performed well. These are some of the outstanding performers.


90% and above – 22 % students
80% and above – 53 % students
70% and above – 25 % students


Saylee Dharne 94.2 %
Sumedh Sontakke 94 %
Chaiti Bhagwat 93 %
Saloni Oswal 92.6 %
Anuj Kankaria 92 %
Shaunak Chitgopkar 92 %
Shivani Gupta 92 %
Shivanee Kothavale92 %


Rohan Mantri - 100 %

Computer App 99 %

Anuj Kankaria
Chaiti Bhagwat
Rucha Kalekar
Saloni Goel


Shruti Gunda 95%

Economic App

- Ten students got 90% and above. Saloni Oswal tops with 95%


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