ICSE Results - May 2014

ICSE Results - May 2014

21st May 2014,
Each year the children perform better than the previous year. This year is no exception. Enormously better.
Sometimes there is a niggling thought at the back of the mind: "Is ICSE becoming easier?" The answer is "NO". That is not the reason why all of you are doing better. It's because you are studying harder and studying smarter. You are a better generation than the previous one. I also have the results from the ASSET examination to support me. Thanks to all of you, Vidya Valley is really a top school of the country in nearly every way. Just to get past the academics:

  1. 44% students scored 90% or higher (24 of the 54 who appeared). Twice the percentage of students from last year who scored above 90%.
  2. 40% of the students (22) scored 80% or higher.
  3. No child scored below 70%.

That's a tremendous credit to all of you and to your teachers who did not leave any one behind. They forced you to do well.
I must congratulate Arya Prabhudesai. She really cracked it with her 96.3% score. I think that is the highest ever scored by a Vidya Valley student.
We had one student with 100% in Math last year. This year we have two (Aditi Ambadkar and Anant Shah). Across the board the performance has really jumped up:

  1. English (Edwin with 95%),
  2. History/Geography (Aditi, Arya and Chinmay with 98%),
  3. Hindi (Arya with 94%),
  4. Science (Arya - 96%)

There is no doubt that you students are getting smarter. Doubtless, we Teachers are getting smarter too.
I recall the seriousness with which all of you started your Std 10 before the summer vacations of May 2013. Deadly serious. Committed.The difference in your attitude was palpable. The results are for you to see.

But more important.......
But you know me. Great academics is not everything. My heart goes out to my students who take exams in their stride and don't get stressed; to students who retain their sense of humour and fun even when exams are drawing near; to students with whom one can have mature discussions. That is why my heart goes out to all of you. You really make me proud.
I am writing this at dawn in Colorado Springs, USA. Monika Mishra, Megha Gupta and I am here at the Space Research Foundation. We are the International Teachers and they are really making a whole lot of fuss about us. Tonight is a special dinner in our honour. The weather is cold here but I am feeling very happy and warm at the thought of your success. Tonight I will toast your success with champagne !!!  I told you that we teachers are getting smarter too.
Good academics is but one step in life. To earn my complete admiration I need you to be thinking well, to have good thoughts and ideas. I need you to be multitasking. I need you to be informed and knowledgeable. Even more, I need you to know how to apply your knowledge. This is the true test. Only YOU can tell how you measure up to that yardstick. I see you, I hear you and I may even evaluate you. But only you will know yourself truly.
I have seen many of you from when you were a small child. Honestly, I am very proud of what you have grown up to be. I owe you my thanks for that. Just as you owe your parents for what you have grown up to be.
The foundation is rock-solid. What you build on that will be your own. You will own all of that. Make it great and worth-while.
With that I finally bid adieu to all of you. Do well in life. Be happy. All your teachers wish that for you.
Nalini Sengupta


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