Congratulations and love to my students of Std 10 - NIOS

Congratulations and love to my students of Std 10 - NIOS

10th June 2015
A special day for all my NIOS students. Anxieties and apprehensions are laid to rest.
This batch was a good, cohesive group. They were an active part of the TERI group and did lots of environment related activities. For the past two years Vidya Valley was the top school in the country on environment related activities and achievements (these students led by Seema Sharma) as judged by TERI.
They are good chefs too as all the teachers can vouch for with considerable food-stuff under our belt which is now an inch longer.
It is undeniable that a lot of fingers were crossed and many hearts palpitating awaiting the results. The results have left us amazed - So many marks in the eighties.
Students worked hard and our thanks to them for keeping our faith in them.
I am awaiting the consolidated marks so at this time I won't name any individuals. I am sure there will be many happy families spending a blissful evening together.
All of us at Vidya Valley are happy that we have contributed to the happiness in those families. That is our reward.

Regards Nalini Sengupta


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