School Campus

The campus is a picturesque site in the heart of the Sus village, nestled safely in the folds of the hills. This 14 acre site has its hill slopes, orchard and playing grounds. During the rainy season every day is a picnic. Undoubtedly, it is the most scenic school in Pune.

Better still, it is completely unpolluted.

This sanctuary is located barely 13 Kms from the Poona University gate and just 20 minutes drive. The last stretch, after the turnoff from Sus village, is a one kilometer dirt road, but the surface is generally quite smooth and the drive comfortable.

Besides the necessary buildings for classes, Labs, Library and offices, the Vidya Valley School campus also has extensive tree cover, and lots of areas for games like Basketball, Volleyball, and of course Football and Cricket

The location also makes it an ideal spot for trekking, camping and rock-climbing -- all of which are regular activities of the school.

We want children grow up in an environment as close to nature as possible -- a place that is happy and healthy and fun.

Don't forget to visit our "Campus Roundup" where the picture galleries will give you a good idea of the campus. As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words!


Vidya Valley 
94/1, Sus Village, Taluka Mulshi,

Pune 411021


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